Why it’s Hard to be a Woman

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Some says to be woman is the luckiest gift ever made in this world. Guys say it’s easy to be woman to have guys beside them to care and to protect them. Woman says I’m so lucky to have what man never have and was treated special and always on top priority in many things. However, there’s so many thing is limited for them to do maybe because of the physical side special figure ; emotion side merciful; naturegentle & sensitive. Some are bless to be created as woman and some feel I want to be man. Some man feel jealousy and want to have what woman have that sexy figure, special attention love they have and easy to shop clothes.

So, what is the hard thing being a woman? I think you know because to be woman you have to take care of your body and to maintain that beauty, you have to spend lots of money and time and of course it’s not that easy if you go in the wrong way. You have to take care of your foods, your health, your beauty, your body so that you can be a perfect lady. Perfect? To be perfect you have to know what the problem is and then find the best solution to overcome it with a correct way. Even supermodels get sweaty feet, but that doesn’t mean you have to face the world warts and all. So lock the bathroom door and wage war on your nastiest body bits. Read more and find out the solutions for your problem.

Hair & a Scaly Scalp!

Let’s face it, while maybe the new black, but not when it’s scattered all over your shoulders. But don’t panic, flaky follicles aren’t a sign of some hideous skin disease. In fact, it means your skin’s working great. Too great! Dead cells are being shed so fast, they’re joining forces and landing in clumps that are big enough to stockpile. Before you discard all your dark clothes and spend half your life at the launderette, there’s plenty you can do to ensure your shoulders are flake free.

Top trichologist Phillip Kingsley suggests washing your hair every day with a mild shampoo (not an anti dandruff one) as this will remove the flakes before they have a chance to get acquainted with each other. Use twice a week alongside your usual shampoo and will make those flakes a thing of the past. Just in time for when black becomes the new black again.

Face & a Mustache!

Mustaches are dodgy enough on men, and for women they’re definitely surplus to requirements. Here are three stubble-proof ways to sort out the offending follicles. If you only have a few hairs, bleach will make them blend into the background. You’ll need a product especially made for the face. You can have cold wax strips for face, but unless you like to feel pain (pay more for the treatments though but it’s worth it for a month of smoother snagging.

If you have an extra budget you can go for an electrolysis treatment which can give you a hair-free zone forever. Sending an electric current down a hair follicle is never going to be a very pleasant experience, but for every uncomfortable 15 minutes, there’s a weaker hair waiting to grow back. You can have permanently pulverized hairs by doing around six treatments. But, once your tache has gone, it’s gone forever. So, do think wisely before decide what to do with your skin.

Body & Spotty Arms!

This might not happen to everyone’s arms but if it happens to you, you need to do extra jobs to eliminate it from your skin. According to Professor Chris Griffiths, a dermatologist, these are no ordinary spots, but a really common condition known as keratosis pilaris little bumps caused by blocked hair follicles that have become inflamed. Usually a genetic condition, the good news is they won’t spread anymore, and they do disappear of their own accord (eventually). The bad news is that, unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to help them along.

So, if you have this kind of problems, it’s better to do your own homegrown spot busting and forget medical science. A few sufferers we know swear by drinking as much water as possible to flush out their system and exfoliating the area with an unscented soap and bath mitt. It’s definitely worth a try.

Leg & Festering Feet

Fed up with forcing your feet into blister-inducing badly fitting shoes because you can’t bear to try them on (literally) under the shop assistant’s nose? With around two million sweat glands doing their stuff inside each sock, it’s not surprising that your trainers spend every night balancing on the window ledge. Sweat doesn’t smell bad all by itself, but add bacteria to the mix and we’re talking pungent plates of meat.

To avoid this stinky smell, you should know how to fight it. Synthetic fabric is the number one enemy of fragrant feet, so chuck out of those slinky nylon socks and pops an anti-pong inner sole inside your plastic-lined trainers. Next, take pumice to your feet. Hard skin becomes soggy when sweaty and acts like a sponge to all things nasty. And if you still kick off your shoes to the sound of screaming from everyone else in the room, bathe them in warm water adding a few drop of vinegar or tea tree oil. They’ll come up smelling of, well, it not roses then at least not like your local deli’s cheese counter.

Stomach & Stretch Marks!

It’s almost happening to every woman and really hard to take care of it. The best known cure for these spider-web type marks is a helping of essential oil. Aromatherapies Glenda Taylor recommends mandarin essential oil, as it speeds up cell regeneration. And it smells great. Mix five to six drops with carrier oil such as almond (or a tablespoon of vegetable oil) and slap it on.

For those women whose pregnant out there, don’t get worry of using these oils. It’s save and you can message in this concoction. While some oils raise or lower blood pressure, Taylor says there’s no chance this oil will do any harm. Remember, to be beautiful, you have to know the right way and the best choice for your skin.

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5 Responses to “Why it’s Hard to be a Woman”
  1. I remember wanting to be a boy when i was young.
    But from the age of 13 I really started to accept myself and love my body.

  2. filipina says:

    Yes, definitely agree!! Girls should really take good care of themselves much more than guys do. Thats our assets and thats what makes us woman.

  3. Jen Love says:

    I love being a woman and I like taking the time to make myself look good. It makes me feel better.

  4. Jenny Muscle says:

    I wouldnt swap being a woman for anything it really is the best thing in the world. When i was younger i wasnt comfotable with my body and everything but know i have grown to love myself for who and what i am and it has empowered me

  5. MiSs LiLy says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing with us. Being woman is the thing where every woman should never regret about. And we should feel bless given by such beautiful gives.