Does he love you? – 10 clues he’s really in love.

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You must be wondering what happen to a relationship that has been standing for almost a year without any signs he really in love with you. You may wonder how serious he is about you; and as a woman, we need some feed back or constant reassurance that we’ll be loved in return. He treats you nicely, and concerned about you but he never say that tricky little ‘L’ word which you’re waiting all this while — and it’s really meaningful for you to know even it’s not a guarantee his feelings won’t change.

You know he in love with you by his action towards you. But sometimes he really drives you crazy, confusing you and you just no idea what’s really on he’s mind; how intolerable it for us confusing ourselves with unsure relationship that we hope to be love. Apart from whimsically plucking a clover’s petals and wondering he loves me, he loves me not how can you gauge his feelings? Aren’t there any other signs he is in relationship with you, whom we considers special and say worthy of love? The point is, men on the whole find it difficult to express their feelings and they don’t rate them the same way women do. It’s often left to a woman to try and fathom his deeper feelings. But it’s okay, because men leave lots of other hidden clues of their affection. Here are some of the signs you as a woman can watch out for as an indication of whether he loves you or for in a guy whom you’re not sure

1. He cares about you. When he’s in love with you, a first conspicuous thing you’ll notice is he always protecting you and truly cares about you feelings. He wants to know everything about you: who you are, what do you think, what is your feeling into him, and what can make you laugh. If he babies you when you’re sick and nurses you back to health you can be pretty sure you’ve got a good thing going. He is going out of his way to show how concerned he is for you safety when you’re alone, and this is always a sure sign of his growing affection.

2. He calls you for no reason. If he calls you more than twice in a day with nothing specific to say to you, there is a very good chance he is in love with you because men would never do such a thing under ordinary circumstances. He can’t control himself thinking of you for no apparent reason wondering if you think of him half as much as he thinks of you. He wonders what you up to and even considers calling you. Calling to ask how your day has been is reason enough for you to start celebrating because he won’t ask more — fear of looking overeager.

3. He shares almost all things with you. What his is yours. There are some possessions men have that they would kill to protect from the grubby hands of the outside world; for example limited edition CDs, his car, his private notebook or football jerseys or caps. There’s no one ever laid their fingers on these holy items; and suddenly he asks that you take his CD home to listen to, or offers his threadbare shorts when you stay over, take this as a sign of his highest trust in you, and be very, very respectful of whatever it is he has decided to share. He may shares his food with you — lucky you if he did. Testing the theory of two people being able to live as cheaply as one is a big step in the direction of permanent coupledom — a sure sign of his eternal love. Being willing to share these parts of his life with you means that he’s probably willing to share a whole lot more.

4. He loves spending time with you. He always looking for a chance to meet you and often ask for your free time. He look forward to see you and don’t care much about what the two of you will be doing. He wants to create a beautiful memory with you; planning to have a picnic, taking picture together, or just going for a evening walk. Whatever reason he gives to you, he means it — missing you when you are not with him and wishes both of you were spending time together. This is pretty obvious but important nonetheless.

5. He learns to cook. He may be never get into kitchen but because of you he tried too and work hard to learn how to cook your favorite dishes and not only that; he also learn anything more in the kitchen than how to boil water for instant noodles and frying burgers with hopes he can help you some times. Besides, he’s trying to please and impress you. It’s real but maybe not last — but you can make it last as long as you encourage him as his new hobby (hopefully, he likes it). But the most important thing here is at least he’s trying; he will do anything to make you happy and proud of him. If he really do love you, he will serve you for all of his life.

6. He writes and sing a songs especially for you. When a men in love, he become a dreamer — feel so inspired by you that he wanted to create something out of nothing (for that what art is, after all), then he must have some pretty serious notions of love for you whether he’s prepared to admit it or not. He will enjoy his feeling, listening to his heartbeat — jot row by row of words of love, poem, or song indicative of his true feelings onto you. Each word give a deep meaning to himself, so he works for hours on end, until he satisfied that his artwork conveys the message he wants to say. He may be try to sing a song by himself and record it for you J — sound crazy! But for him, he really hope you catch his words. Open your eyes, and heart; don’t wallow in the attention and miss the message there is something he is trying to tell you. May be something you waiting for all this while.

7. He ask for your opinion. During his hard time to make an important decision, life or death — he comes to you; asking for you help and support to make the biggest decision in his life. He asks for your advice and not just for the sake of it. He often considers it and may even go by it. Or if he doesn’t, he tells you why he didn’t. This means he really need and trusting you. He see you as a part of his life — he see the chemistry and future between two of you. He listen to you — gives you his undivided attention; seem like he gives his life for you.

8. He calls you with special nickname . He might be call you Honey, Baby, Sayang or it doesn’t matter. He calls you because he meant it up and no one else uses it, then it has his stamp of exclusivity, and he is reserving the right to be able to call you by a special pet name. And when it comes to love, exclusivity is always good. No matter what company you’re in, you can rest assured that he is expressing his claim over you.

9. He shows you by his action. Some men aren’t exactly good with words and expressing their feelings. He want you to know you really mean to him, so he shows to you by his action; offer to fetch and ride you home if you work late at night, he gives you flower in your birthday, buy your favorite foods even it hard to get it, or call you very morning to wake you up..hahhaha. Rare men do this if he not sure with his feeling towards you, so if he did he really mean it. You may need to hear the words from him, but have you never heard of action speak louder than words?

10.He compliment you. You’re look beautiful today. Are your wear new brand perfume today? He noticed every change you made; when you make an effort with your appearance and he really appreciate it. Whatever you wear, it looks nice and perfect for him, and sometimes he suggest you things that suit you and add to your look — he just want to add his compliment over you, to see your smile and happiness in your face ;). The most important thing is he likes you just the way you is.

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7 Responses to “Does he love you? – 10 clues he’s really in love.”
  1. dimple says:

    hi miss lily,……..i really like all that was written here in your blog,it really helped me a lot…especially the tips
    in maintaning a healthy relationship with loved ones….

  2. MiSs LiLy says:

    Hi Dimple..I felt really happy to hear that. That was my main target; to share my thought and whatever I’ve ever read, experiences and lessons. Thanks for your support and this is a great pleasure for me to keep write something meaningful and helpful to all of us to stay surviving i this tough world. Good luck to you and keep staying with me. I’ll do my best to keep writing more and more soon.

  3. CHAS says:


  4. Da Kinky kID says:

    Great article….. Hey i think he loves me Yeah…..

  5. CR James says:

    The list is impressive. Especially, the nickname part – even though it seems like a small thing. I’m a guy. And if I’m not in love with a woman, I WILL NEVER give her a nickname. When a guy ‘nicknames’ a NonLove, all harmony in the universe is disrupted.

    The birds sing off key.

    The cat chases the dog.

    The moon becomes jealous of the sun (again).

    But seriously, I give my wife about 3-4 new nicknames a week.

  6. ryuace says:

    ermmmm…….i love some1 guyz but i never tell him about my feeling…..ya,may b i”m very stupid..bcoz i never tell him about my heart feeling…i don”t know may be i”m shy…he said he love me but now i find dat he orday fade up…i”m very sad…..well,he never told me dat but i can feel dat…after read ur wrting……i think…….i must 2 trust him..yaaaaa……may b i”m wrong……hopelyyyyy…..huuuuuuuu

  7. Noemi Rojas, 14 year old says:

    Well this really help because I am going out with a 19 year old and well I didn’t know if he really luvs me cuz he always working and of we see each other sarturday..I luv him because first all he was the one who gave me 1 kiss lmao yeh…so I know he luvs meee he calls me Baby and he is super kind with me all the time he calls me 4 no reason omg I luvvv him…Thanks 4 the article