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No matter what age, every single person live in this world have their own problem from children to grandma or from poor to rich. It’s a liar to say ‘I Have No Problem’, it just the way each individual overcome their problem. Big issue can become simple if you can manage it in proper manner without distracting your daily routine as some people having problem dealing with life crisis because they think it’s a bad luck. When it’s come bad day, it doesn’t just rain, it buckets down. By that, you need to bring umbrella wherever you go & don’t forget to bring extra umbrella in case somebody need it.

You feel like the world’s closing in on you? Like nothing seems to be going your way? Bet one of my friend can relate. It may look like the biggest dilemma in her life is which designer handbag to take to lunch at the Ivy but, the truth is, she’s going through a rough patch and the cracks are starting to show. Since broken up with hubby after 5 years married, Mary (not a real name) struggled to make a splash in the dating pool while ex-hubby moving at lightning speed with new hot girl in town. Her life become chaos; go clubbing almost every weekend, drink & drunk, children are not manage & send to grandma house, the work efficiency loss & work performance had reduced. She once was very stylist mum with good looking appearance now become unmanageable person with bad attitude. You might be run from the problem but it’s never solved and it will hunt you all the time because you still think about it.

So, how do you deal when your luck has packed its bag and taken a one way trip to Alaska just like our friend here? You “roll with the punches and not wallow,” as my friend said recently. “My life is a chaos right now. But you can let the chaos consume you or you can just walk along with it.” If you’re prepared to fight setbacks instead of losing the plot, you’re already in the fast lane to feeling better. But if you want to speed that 180 degree life makeover, you need a little insider info. The good news? Here something for you to go around.

Help #1 Friendship Fallout

Had a Paris & Lilo-style blowout? Drifted away from your mates? Being out of social loop can feel like a court-ordered exile. “My friend told me off for ditching her in favour of my new man,” reveals Becky, 25. “We didn’t speak for ages. It was agony because she was my go-to person for drinks and chats.”

Turn it around: No friends meaning no fun. No matter how much you think you can live without your buddies, you can’t. So, if you’re in the wrong – and we all know when we have stuffed up – than apology is in order.

“Universal laws of attraction say that, when we’re feeling negative, we attract more negativity and vice versa,” says author and life coach Andrew McCombe. “That means if you don’t resolve the issues with your friend, your pain will fester and other areas of your life will suffer.” If you’re the angle in the situation then, as long as your friend isn’t the toxic kind, be the bigger person and patch things up. Why not organize to hit the movies or the shops for your first outgoing together? That way there’ll be something else to focus on and you won’t feel so awkward.

Help #2 my family is a nightmare

There’s nothing like family drama to make you want to spend Christmas camping by yourself in Cuba. “My parents are divorced so holidays are difficult,” says Beth, 24. I always end up stressed, angry and exhausted.” If you can, you will like to leave the family and stay alone rather than live unhappy with all the problems makes you feel crazy.

Turn it around: Take an emotional step backwards. “When it comes to family, we let feelings and baggage clouds our judgement,” says therapist Dr Tracie O’Keefe. “Be more objective and look at situations from the outside so you don’t overact.” Remember, not every crisis is about you, so don’t get emotionally caught up. You’re not your family’s therapist and, while it’s great to be there for them, you need time out for yourself. “Photograph the good times,” says Dr O’Keefe. “That way you can look back when you need a reminder of how great your family can be.

Help #3 Career crisis

Copping more abuse at work than Naomi Campbell’s assistant? It could be time for career change. “I was so uninspired by my job that I’d cry on Monday mornings,” admits Emily, 24. “I wanted to quit but was scared. Then I was made redundant and realised I’d wasted two years whingeing instead of doing something about it.”

Turn it around: Figure out the cause: Is it a colleague, your boss, the pay? If it’s your company or industry, start job hunting. “First, do a career assessment, to see where your strengths and passions lie,” says careers consultant Katie Roberts. “You could also see a careers coach. Once you know what field you want to get into, check out employment sites for opportunities.” You could also try courses, work experience or take a break to recharge.


Breaking up is about as much fun as being hit by a bus. Just ask Renee, 28, whose boyfriend of six years dumped her out of the blue. “I was shattered for months,” she recalls. “Then I read the book It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken by Greg Behrendt and realised I didn’t want to spend the next year of my life moping.”

Turn it around: The key to getting over a split is self-love and lots of it. “The worst thing you can do is become overwhelmed by it all,” says MsCombe. “Appreciate bad experiences as a reason to learn and grow.” Mary says writing poetry and decorating her new pad helped her feel good about life and herself again. She also took time out from partying to “cleanse” and spent many nights in with her besties and dog, Daisy. “It’s been hard, but I’ve come to the realisation that it’s ok to not be perfect,” she mused recently. “I’m just proud of allowing myself to think and to act and to be.” Sounds like Mary might finally be turning things around. How about you?

Below are 10 affective ways to get through a crisis. Try it out & it might be work for you:

1. Cry – Release your emotion by cry it out. If you don’t release that pent-up emotion, you’ll lash out at someone you don’t mean to.

2. Music – Listens to music that reminds you of happy times, not sad songs.

3. Pet – There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a pet to lift your spirits, so check out the SPCA.

4. Exercise – Do practise daily exercise, eat well and rest up. Looking after yourself is a key.

5. Hobby – Make the most time for things you love to do and let everything else fit in around that.

6. Happiness – Nothing in world can by happiness. Shine your day by buy yourself flowers. They’ll boost your mood instantly.

7. Express Emotion – Write down how you’re feeling at the end of each day. It’ll help you to release emotion.

8. Time – Spend time with loved ones who can support you and hang out with children – they’re so carefree and happy, it’s infectious.

9. Face it – Talk yourself through difficult situations out loud. Putting problems into words can make the solution clearer.

10. Focus – Focus on the present. Think about positive things and the opportunities that await.

It’s never too late for changes. Never afraid to face problem and bring yourself for changes. Don’t let the world bring you down but face them. Fight for yourself and your happiness. Wake up from dream and challenge yourself will make you change yourself to brand new you. All the best…….

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