10 things cats hates most

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  • Cats hate water. They like warm more than human because it make they feel secure before they fall to sleep.
  • Cats don’t like sweets. They do not appear to favor the taste of sugar either as cakes and cookies or in sugar-laden drinks. Interestingly cats do enjoy chewing the grass so they do have some interest in carbohydrates but they may simply prefer the bitterness in some grasses rather than the sweetness of others.
    black cat under the pillow
  • Cats hate being in a car because they believe they are going to the vet and do not like taking pills.
  • Many cats don’t like to be stroked the full length of their body because there are certain part of their body are very sensitive to touch.
  • Cats don’t like to take any order from the owner unlike a dog. A cat does not respond to discipline in a positive learning fashion. Cats, on the other hand, take care of themselves.
  • Cats do not like to eliminate in dirty places, therefore, if you do not keep the litter box clean to your cats liking, your cat will find other places to go.

  • Cats do not like being brush means that they prefer their own grooming.
  • Cats hate when their territories were intrude by unknown cats. These territorial behaviors are likely to be more obvious when you have more than one cat living in the same house. Generally, it’s a good idea to let new cats familiarizes themselves with their surroundings before they meet any other cats or animals in the area. Having said that, even a solitary cat likes to establish territory.
  • Cats do not like their nails trimmed and the remaining nails adorned with super glued rubber tips.
  • Adult cats do not like newcomer or kittens. They need time to know each other and you can help by introduce them. Do not leave them alone without supervision until you confidence enough they already accept each other.

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10 Responses to “10 things cats hates most”
  1. Bill Emener says:

    Hi Lily,
    I just read your reply Comment to my Comment on your recent blog and hear and agree with what you are said. I am feeling better, thank you, and hope to be totally back by tomorrow. It’s been a rough two days.
    I found this Post about your cats… neat! I have two cats — Schatzi and Juanita.
    When I had a dog and I would talk to him, he would run up to me and be all excited. When I talk to my cats, however, they look at me with a look of, “Leave a message… I’ll get back to you.”
    They sleep with me every night though and follow me around (when they’re not sleeping or eating).
    Thanks again for your well-wishes,

  2. MiSs LiLy says:

    Hi Bill, thanks for sharing with me about cats. I’m so fanatic about cats and I’m feeling so excited knowing that you also likes cats. Talking about cats, I own 8 adult cats and 5 new born kittens for now. All my cats have their own character and unique behaviours and each of them so special and I really love them. They are part of my life and my days full with joyfulness because of them. Some of them so active and some really likes to sleep whole day. And they really understand my moods. I think they can feel what I felt and sharing my feelings with them giving me a great pleasure and contentment. No matter how bad was my day, it turns into happiness at the moment I saw their cute faces. I liked how they take our attentions and I can see how close you with your pets. I understand how it felt when talking to our cats – although we can’t understand their languages, I believe we all can see the messages through their eyes and it’s enough to show they do feel how we felt.
    Thanks Bill. It’s a pleasure sharing with you.
    p/s Good luck with your cats. Send my regards to Schatzi and Juanita. 🙂

  3. Bill Emener says:

    Hi Lily,
    Thanks for the lengthy reply… I know what you mean regarding their sharing their thoughts through their eyes…
    I shared your best regards with them… Schatzi rolled over and went back to sleep and Juanita yawned (just don’t take it personally… the yawn actually was a compliment).

  4. Bill Emener says:

    P.S. I know you’re into “relationship issues” and are quite knowledgeable regarding them — I talk about relationship issues frequently on my blog… stop by for visit some time: http://drbillsharleywisdom.blogspot.com/ Bill

  5. MiSs LiLy says:

    Hi Bill, actually I visited frequently to your blog and I knew that you just launched your new books, right? And I really enjoyed reading each of your issues regarding adult relationships. Some of my ideas coming from my reading on your issues. Interesting and really helpful! And I knew you’re expert in adult relationship, right?
    Thanks again.

  6. Bill Emener says:

    I don’t know if I am an expert of not, but I have paid a lot of attention to it over the years and teach a graduate course in Marriage and Couples Counseling at the University of South Florida. (I’ve also been married and divorced twice… so much for being an expert).
    Based on your insights on your blog, I would appreciate your occasionally posting a Comment.
    Yes, I recently had two new books come out — one a pop psych book and one a contemporary romance novel (and I’m currently working on two companion books on adult loving relationships). Ugh!
    Be well, Lily,

  7. MiSs LiLy says:

    Hi Bill, I’m sorry to hear that. We all realized relationship between men and women and love is something difficult to interpret and to understand especially when its comes into something serious. The more we know, the more problems encounter and the more solutions we found, the more people neglected the basic. So, it just a part of life circle and I believe, we, human can’t escape from making mistakes. It’s just a learning phase, right? We learn from the mistakes.
    Thanks Bill. Good luck to you!

  8. Bill Emener says:

    Hi Lily,
    Yeah, I hear ya… and sometimes we just can’t see things… we’re blinded by our emotions.
    Thanks for your kindness and graciousness,

  9. MiSs LiLy says:

    Hi Bill, failure doesn’t mean end of world. There are reasons for things to happen, right? Start new life and new you.

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