How to Deal with Daily Life Crisis…

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No matter what age, every single person live in this world have their own problem from children to grandma or from poor to rich. It’s a liar to say ‘I Have No Problem’, it just the way each individual overcome their problem. Big issue can become simple if you can manage it in proper manner without distracting your daily routine as some people having problem dealing with life crisis because they think it’s a bad luck. When it’s come bad day, it doesn’t just rain, it buckets down. By that, you need to bring umbrella wherever you go & don’t forget to bring extra umbrella in case somebody need it.

You feel like the world’s closing in on you? Like nothing seems to be going your way? Bet one of my friend can relate. It may look like the biggest dilemma in her life is which designer handbag to take to lunch at the Ivy but, the truth is, she’s going through a rough patch and the cracks are starting to show. Since broken up with hubby after 5 years married, Mary (not a real name) struggled to make a splash in the dating pool while ex-hubby moving at lightning speed with new hot girl in town. Her life become chaos; go clubbing almost every weekend, drink & drunk, children are not manage & send to grandma house, the work efficiency loss & work performance had reduced. She once was very stylist mum with good looking appearance now become unmanageable person with bad attitude. You might be run from the problem but it’s never solved and it will hunt you all the time because you still think about it. Read more

Work & Power Learn to Use Power Subtly, but Effectively

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As a woman, it’s not easy to manage people especially if you’re working around men or people who much older than you. You’re powerful but nobody like you. It clearly shows that you’re not using the power you have effectively and subtly. The most powerful person must be strong in knowledge, to be loves, to be respects, easy work with others, high tolerance, understanding, good planning, manage effectively, etc. Contrary to popular belief, power is really a nasty beast that can easily get out of control. However, it can be tamed if you know how to control yourself from inside outside.

Power is not all petunias and orchids. First, there’s the constant resentment you’ve to deal with among subordinates especially if there’re older than you. The constant bickering that goes on behind your back, making your job a friendless one. And the responsibility: You’re accountable for your team’s performance. Power is nasty thing indeed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If used with care, power can help you achieved much more. Just remember the golden rule about getting people to do what you want: Making them want to do it. Read more

Why it’s Hard to be a Woman

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Some says to be woman is the luckiest gift ever made in this world. Guys say it’s easy to be woman to have guys beside them to care and to protect them. Woman says I’m so lucky to have what man never have and was treated special and always on top priority in many things. However, there’s so many thing is limited for them to do maybe because of the physical side special figure ; emotion side merciful; naturegentle & sensitive. Some are bless to be created as woman and some feel I want to be man. Some man feel jealousy and want to have what woman have that sexy figure, special attention love they have and easy to shop clothes.

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5 New Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost your Confidence.

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Do you ever wish to feel more confident in whatever things you’re doing without feeling anxious? Sometimes, you think we can do it, but when it come to take action, suddenly feel anxious and become less confident. These always happen when it’s comes into situations where you have to deal with your boss, meeting/presentation times, at the dancing floor or even while meeting new people. Lack of confidence always makes people feel useless, frustrated, regret, unhappy and have problem to go after their dream job. That’s why everyone is wishing to be more confident.

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Ways to Overcome Fear That is Limiting Your Life

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What’s make us can’t do what we really want to do? What’ limiting your life? Do you ever think that fear always stop you from doing and achieve your dream? Scared of what other people might think? Afraid of fail and don’t have another change? Everyone have their own fear, kind of feeling interior that can be interpreted in many ways. It evokes strong physical reaction like heart rate, shaking, nausea and sometimes even crying. How many times you have to forget about man/job/life of your dream? How many times you try to fight fear and get rid of it? Throw it down for people to see which is sign of weakness. Lack of knowledge, fear is main factor that holding you back from reaching your potential in any aspect of life. We all knew that nothing we can do with fear inside us fear of failure and fear of success.

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