5 Reasons Why Relationship Stay Apart & How To Fix It

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Why most of the marriage couples still facing problem in their relationship although they are staying together in one roof? Does the working couple facing more hardness in their relationship & lead to divorce? How about woman who stays at home and oppress by the partner? However, nowadays, working women are likely powerful than men in many part of life and some of them become a family leader where as they have to make decision for most of family matters. Where else some of the man most likely working less than woman and stay at home more than woman and doing housework job.

In different situation, a man going out / travel more than the woman and leave a wife alone at home for many days  makes the her feel alone & lonely and start looking for other relationship and the husband which travel a lot also might looking for a partner or worst if he’s working with a woman. Ermmm….. the consequences are hard to determine when things go wrong. Either want to blame a guy because work too hard or a woman because not loyal to the husband. Anyway, a couple has their own responsibility to the relationship to make it work. However, women can fit to men lives easily but does man can fit into their lives? Find out the reasons for broken relationship and what the solution to it. Read more

Getting To Know Your Partner

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How well do you know your boyfriend? Really know him. It’s not just how he likes his coffee or his back scratched. Not just that fact that he’s big on dancing and hates being interrupted during gaming. You may think you two are really tight with each other because you share your bed, bodies and breakfast, but intimacy is not just about physical or sexual contact. To really get to know your boyfriend it helps to understand his deepest fears, biggest passions, long-term goals, and life priorities – what he wants and values most for now and in the future. How do you go about getting this crucial info without making him feel he’s being interrogated? There are few ways to get know your partner closer. You can spend lot of times with him, spying him every way, share your interest and do something together or you can wait your whole life to get know him. Why you want to take so much times to know him while you can play some game to predict what type of man he is.

You can use the following ploys to get him to reveal his inner self. Be prepared though, he might want to turn the tables on you to make sure he’s got a handle on where you’re coming from too! Read more

5 Signs to Know If He Really Sincere Or Just Sleaze Ball?

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“Have we met before?” “Your lips look lonely – let me introduce them to mine.” “Your smile is so stunning I need my sunglasses!” What do you think when a guy met you at the first time and asking you such questions? Of course he’s trying to attract your attention but does he really mean it or just trying to check on you? When it comes to pick-up lines most guys are about as original and subtle as a Hollywood actions flick. After all you know that they regardless of what they say what they really mean is “I like the look of you and want to get know you better.” But once they break the ice and engage you in some full frontal talking, how how do you know their real attention? You don’t want to waste your night hanging out with a guy whose only plan is to get you into bed then exit your life forever. Equally, if you presume that every single man you meet just wants a quickie you might give the potential love of your life the brush off – not realizing that he is the real deal. To help you separate the givers from the takers and fakers, here’s what your radar needs to pick up:-  

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How to Fall Out Of Love

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Love….when it was there, is the sweetest thing to be experienced. But when it was away from your life it can broken your heart more than your imagination. Each of us has faith to feel this pain at least once in our life. Love come and goes….and you have to continue your life to find your true life without killing yourself. What are you going to do when your boyfriend fall in love with someone else, living you without any notice, furthermore without your expectation? First, you should know what happen to you when the only men you love dump you – have not enough sleep, always cry day and night, can’t eat, can’t work and the worst is you’re in the process of ruin your life and wasting your time. If it happen to you means you’re too obsessed with your ex.

So, what is a must step you should take the moment you know you’re not follow the right road anymore? Just forget about him and give up hoping to get him back! As long as he’s still in your mind, you really can’t recover until you do. Of course it’s hard to get over a lost love and you have no idea what’s going to happen to you during the recovery process and your future especially when your relationship already lasted for years. The right key to hastening the recovery is to understand what people go through post break-up and to arrange for the process to take place in a systematic way. The best news is, once you discover how to recover, you’re much less likely to have such a severe break-up ever again.
Find out here how to fall out of love….and land on your feet faster without wasting your time hoping for him to come back to your life again. No matter how deep your feelings for him, you can be back to normal in less than two months if you take these steps…

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When Your “Ex” Falls In Love

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Why his story never stops even after you’ve split up? Why you still care about what happening in his life? And why you feel sad when you know he already fall in love with another girl? Do you still in love with him? It’s amazing how much you can still know about your ex even you both are not attached to each other anymore. It’s not possible when your girlfriends tell you where he’s living and partying: gossipers spill all they know about his flirtations and one-night stands; mutual mates try to say as little as possible, but you can read between the lines. When you ask if he ever talks about you and they pause awkwardly before saying, Yeah, sure, but he’s never been much of a talker, it’s like a stab to the heart “ it’s obvious “ he’s over you, he doesn’t think about you. End of story.

Meanwhile, you throw out the photos of your romantic holiday in Bali and make a stab at going on a few dates. You just start to feel you’re getting your life back together. But just when you thought you had erased him from your hard drive, you hear he’s in a new relationship. Within milliseconds, the pain is so great it feels like heâ’s just dumped you all over again. You know it’s not good to dwell on it and the more you learn about her, the more you feel your self-image slipping. But you just can’t stop asking questions about the new girl in his life and you torture yourself by imagining them in bed having marathon sex.

Well, sounds like you’re not as over him as you thought. Or maybe you don’t really want him back, but also don’t really want him back, but don’t want anyone else to have him either (at least not until you’ve found the love of your life to rub in his face). Before you turn into a complete nutter and find yourself staking out his flat to catch a glimpse of them, you need to get a grip. The burning issue here is not how he met her, what she looks like or whether or not he’s in love or not he’s in love or just in lust. The bigger question is what you are going to do to ensure that you just don’t care. Read more

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