How to Deal with Daily Life Crisis…

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No matter what age, every single person live in this world have their own problem from children to grandma or from poor to rich. It’s a liar to say ‘I Have No Problem’, it just the way each individual overcome their problem. Big issue can become simple if you can manage it in proper manner without distracting your daily routine as some people having problem dealing with life crisis because they think it’s a bad luck. When it’s come bad day, it doesn’t just rain, it buckets down. By that, you need to bring umbrella wherever you go & don’t forget to bring extra umbrella in case somebody need it.

You feel like the world’s closing in on you? Like nothing seems to be going your way? Bet one of my friend can relate. It may look like the biggest dilemma in her life is which designer handbag to take to lunch at the Ivy but, the truth is, she’s going through a rough patch and the cracks are starting to show. Since broken up with hubby after 5 years married, Mary (not a real name) struggled to make a splash in the dating pool while ex-hubby moving at lightning speed with new hot girl in town. Her life become chaos; go clubbing almost every weekend, drink & drunk, children are not manage & send to grandma house, the work efficiency loss & work performance had reduced. She once was very stylist mum with good looking appearance now become unmanageable person with bad attitude. You might be run from the problem but it’s never solved and it will hunt you all the time because you still think about it. Read more

5 easy steps to get the LIFE you want

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You think, you’re living in the life you wanted most – have a great jobs, wonderful friends, own boyfriend of your dream and have a bright future. But why you still feel unfulfilled, unhappy and never satisfied – like there’s something missing in your life. You just don’t understand why you’re not feeling happy as it supposes to be whereas you’re living the way you desire for. Ask yourself, if you’re happy enough with your life now, why when you’re wake up every morning you still can’t feel that power to go through the whole day? You got that spirit at the beginning of your day but, by the end of the day, you started to feel tired, frustrated and snapping at everyone for no reason. You might be think it’s because of your work pressure, but it’s not that.

Is that a sign shows that you’re bored of your everyday routine? Sometimes, boredom come from daily activities where you let habit take over your life and end up in a comfort trap. If you’re not feeling inspired or challenged in your life, for sure, you need some changes to boost your happiness and scoring the life you want. We only get one life, so why not spend it doing stuff that makes you happy rather than settling? There’s nothing special about life if you didn’t feel alive or passionate about things around you and it doesn’t mean anything. You’re trap in a dull patch. So, enjoy your life while you still have it. If you’ve feeling like a half charged battery lately then it’s time to shake things up. Everyone falls into comfort traps; you’ve just got to know how to climb out. Dare to change your life and try new thing to get a better life. Here are five easy ways to boost your happiness and get into the wonderful and meaningful life. Read more

How to LOVE your career and be successful

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Do you have problem with the job you have now? Feel tired of changing career all the time and you’re getting older but your jobs searches still lead no where. Every day you think of changing your job – feeling bored, under pressure, tired, hate your boss and much more unreasonable reason in your mind. You can’t even find any satisfactions, passion or even desires inside you to stay on job you have. It not just what you feel about the job, people around you or working environment but it’s already set inside you, “What I get from this job?”, “Is this what I really want in my life?” You keep question yourself the same thing over and over – and every time you think about it, you start to hate your job and feel it imprecise your dream and your ambition.

When the new opportunities come, you radically grab it without think twice and very, very sure that’s what you really want for the best of your career – new colleague, new boss and of course new environment, which you think can gives brand new life into your dream career. But with all the changes will make you happier than before or you just start looking for another excellent reason to quick your job or what worse? Maybe the question is not “How can I get the job I’ll love?”, but “How can I love the job I have?” Here are simple tips to help you love the job you have more while enjoying a great life. Read more

How To Live A Happy Life

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Whatever you do in your life, you never feel the difference – wake up in the morning, go to work or stay at home the whole day and sleep at night. It’s circle of a life where you can’t hide or escape from it. Some are happy with their life and some have to live with a constant treadmill feeling. So, are you feel content and confidence to continue your journey with happy though and fulfills your needs? Or, you’re still feeling trapped inside your own life? It’s been past 30 years you live with anger and frustration, do you let another 30 years living with it? If you keep those feelings longer inside you, it can be harmful and eat you alive.

Day-by-day we have to face the same routine: Whether it stems from work, relationships, being at home all day or even from friends and family – it lives inside us, no matter where we go, it follows. By running away from reality is not the right answer. Even you make a biggest change with your daily routine; it won’t bring you out from the shell if you still live with the same mentality. All of us may have been through this kind of feelings, but how to banish it without involving people around you and everything you already have?

First of all, it is important to set your mind into what you actually want in your life and realize that you’ve only got one life and you’re living it now – not just today, at the weekend or on that holiday you’ve got planned but forever life. Then take your time to discover your personal approach to life, to see how much your own attitudes could be oiling the wheels of your treadmill. Read more

Tips – 7 ways to save on campus

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Still studying? Tired of being broke before the semester end? College life can be a major temptation to overspend –high lifestyles demand, enjoying and partying and also expensive books to buy. Then your scholarship is limited and not enough to fulfill all your need and your parents can’t afford you more than what you wanting for.

I’ve been through this tough situation during my college study and it was the first time I stay far away from my parents. I was out of money for almost a week, and I’m just eating instant noodles to survive. Sounds funny right? Haaaa…During that time I don’t want to ask for any help from friends and family and try to find out the solutions for myself before my scholarship in. I think, think and think and lastly I confess that I’m broke because I spend more than what I suppose to made – buying without thinking, and savings, really never cross to my though ;). Read more

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