Health Tips & Health Mistakes (Part 1)

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What is health means to you? What do you do to get the healthy living? Being healthy means you have to take care of your body doing exercise regularly, having a good diet & know how to handle your emotions after all. But, how many of us did practicing healthy living? In this modern life, most of us prefer to take an easy ways to live taking diet pills to avoid exercising, eating junk foods rather than taking raw & fresh foods, drink alcohol to handle stress & taking too much caffeine to stay alert. This might be the easier ways to staying alive, but it’s not the right ways to stay healthy.

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How to avoid bad beauty habit and maintain gorgeous

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Sometimes, we didn’t realize what we did everyday such as laughing, rubbing, scratching or any under control actions may bring to bad beauty habit. You may feel guilty every time you touch your face or rubbing all over your body, but you can’t control that itchy hand. Here are some habits that may cause damaged to your skin, hair, the whole body or even your health. If you think you had those symptoms, you should find ways to stop doing it before getting even worst. Read on to find out how to kick that habit.

Habit #1 Avoid licking your lips

You think by licking your lips many times will keep it wet and moisturizes. But you’re totally wrong because licking them cause to balm removing. Lips are constantly exposed to the sun’s rays and thus are susceptible to sunburn. Your saliva actually forms a “lens”, which intensifies the sun’s rays. How strong is that? Just think you can burn ants with a magnifying glass. To break that bad habit, smooth on lip balm instead of wetting your lips and re-apply whenever your lips feel dry. Look for new products with special formulas that bind to lips, helping the balm stay on for longer. Also use lip balm with SPF 15 and above. To undo the damage of your lips, use lip balm which content jojoba oils and pro-vitamin B5 to keep your lips keep moisturizes. Try to skip those balms with flavor, because they may tempt you to lick your lips. Read more

Flash back – 6 Easy steps to treat back acne problem

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Opppsss…acne again! Do you have a sexy back but feel embarrass to show them? Afraid to wear your favorite swimming suit or don’t have chance to wear a sexy back strap? This acne problem always happens to teenagers especially, but bewares because sometimes back acne also attacks adults. Back acne, which is also known as bacne, is caused mainly by perspiration clogging up pores, thus causing an inflammation of the pores. Another culprit is tight clothing that traps sweat and bacteria on skin, and irritates skin. Bacne is like a face acne problem but needs more cares and treatments to clear them up.

Get rid those acne by pamper your skin with the right way and the right products too – because when you make a mistakes in choosing the right products, it will make your skin getting worse. Here are simple steps to treat your back and clear up the problem so you don’t have to worry anymore and feeling more comfortable and confidence with yourself. Check it out gal! Read more

Falling in LoVe….what it does to your weight?

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You and I both falling in love with a gorgeous and perfect Mr. Right. He’s the man you’ve waiting for all this time and your relationship is blissful. Find the right man at the right time, ridiculously happy; so happy that all your friends want to vomit on you. In this adoring gaze you see you, only better. Right:)? Then the exciting way life start to changes: having a breakfast, lunch, and dinner together almost everyday, going for hot holidays together, and almost of your time is with him. But then, the unthinkable happens: Your clothes start feeling too tight. What’s up with that?

I know the reason why because I experienced it before at the beginning of my new relationship with my loves one. I want to do confession here: I realized that I gain my weight but it happen very fast without I noticed the different until all my friends says that I look so chubby. At first, I don’t care what they say until one day I can’t fit my favourite jeans. Oh my god! I don’t believe it!!!! At that time suddenly I realized that being madly in love and feeling so fabulous make me indulge in everything, especially foods that give me instant gratification. I never control what types of foods I take before and I’ll never gain that drastic weight so what happen to me then really surprising me. It takes less than five month when my weight rise from 46kg to 53kg. See the different? Me, myself also can’t believe it, but it’s true. And now I tried very hard to get back my girlish figure but you know it’s really difficult job to do even to lose 1kg fatty: exercising every days and lower my foods intake but the result is still the same. The more you try, the more challenges you have to face. What do you think? Well, I’ll never give up and lucky me when my loves one always by my side encourage me to do my best. We both love sports, so we spend lots of times doing exercise together and help me gain my confident back. Well, now I know even when we’re in love, do not neglect or forget about how important to take care of ourselves, so that we’re more confident to take a great care of the relationship. Read more