Currently, the only way to advertise with is via Text-Link-Ads.

Your ads will be shown “Above The Fold” on the sidebar column to the left. This will help to increase your exposure and bring in more traffic to your site. In addition it will also improve your search engine ranking.

You can choose to buy several spots on our featured listing, which consist either one of the following.

  • RSS Ads Only – Ads will appear on all this site’s RSS feeds.
  • Site Ads and RSS Ads – Ads will appear on all pages of this site, as well as in the footer of RSS feeds.

The cost for each spots are handled and controlled fully by Text-Link-Ads itself. Pretty soon, the ad rates on this site is going to increase. Currently we’re at PageRank 4 and Alexa Traffic Ranking 104006.

It would be wise to secure your spot before the value of this site increase permanently.

once you’re signed up, you will be assigned an account manager by text link ads, and you can communicate with this person on all advertising matters.

Basically your text link ad will last for 1 month, but you can always choose to have it there for as long as you want. (obviously the longer the better.)

Now, to get started:

Although I can accept any type of website, for the sake of overall quality of the site as well as providing value to readers, I will only accept sites that are somehow related to this site.

Anyhow, feel free to contact me for further assistance and inquiry if needed.