5 Reasons Why Relationship Stay Apart & How To Fix It

September 6, 2010 by  
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Why most of the marriage couples still facing problem in their relationship although they are staying together in one roof? Does the working couple facing more hardness in their relationship & lead to divorce? How about woman who stays at home and oppress by the partner? However, nowadays, working women are likely powerful than men in many part of life and some of them become a family leader where as they have to make decision for most of family matters. Where else some of the man most likely working less than woman and stay at home more than woman and doing housework job.

In different situation, a man going out / travel more than the woman and leave a wife alone at home for many days  makes the her feel alone & lonely and start looking for other relationship and the husband which travel a lot also might looking for a partner or worst if he’s working with a woman. Ermmm….. the consequences are hard to determine when things go wrong. Either want to blame a guy because work too hard or a woman because not loyal to the husband. Anyway, a couple has their own responsibility to the relationship to make it work. However, women can fit to men lives easily but does man can fit into their lives? Find out the reasons for broken relationship and what the solution to it. Read more