Getting To Know Your Partner

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How well do you know your boyfriend? Really know him. It’s not just how he likes his coffee or his back scratched. Not just that fact that he’s big on dancing and hates being interrupted during gaming. You may think you two are really tight with each other because you share your bed, bodies and breakfast, but intimacy is not just about physical or sexual contact. To really get to know your boyfriend it helps to understand his deepest fears, biggest passions, long-term goals, and life priorities – what he wants and values most for now and in the future. How do you go about getting this crucial info without making him feel he’s being interrogated? There are few ways to get know your partner closer. You can spend lot of times with him, spying him every way, share your interest and do something together or you can wait your whole life to get know him. Why you want to take so much times to know him while you can play some game to predict what type of man he is.

You can use the following ploys to get him to reveal his inner self. Be prepared though, he might want to turn the tables on you to make sure he’s got a handle on where you’re coming from too! Read more

How to Deal with Daily Life Crisis…

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No matter what age, every single person live in this world have their own problem from children to grandma or from poor to rich. It’s a liar to say ‘I Have No Problem’, it just the way each individual overcome their problem. Big issue can become simple if you can manage it in proper manner without distracting your daily routine as some people having problem dealing with life crisis because they think it’s a bad luck. When it’s come bad day, it doesn’t just rain, it buckets down. By that, you need to bring umbrella wherever you go & don’t forget to bring extra umbrella in case somebody need it.

You feel like the world’s closing in on you? Like nothing seems to be going your way? Bet one of my friend can relate. It may look like the biggest dilemma in her life is which designer handbag to take to lunch at the Ivy but, the truth is, she’s going through a rough patch and the cracks are starting to show. Since broken up with hubby after 5 years married, Mary (not a real name) struggled to make a splash in the dating pool while ex-hubby moving at lightning speed with new hot girl in town. Her life become chaos; go clubbing almost every weekend, drink & drunk, children are not manage & send to grandma house, the work efficiency loss & work performance had reduced. She once was very stylist mum with good looking appearance now become unmanageable person with bad attitude. You might be run from the problem but it’s never solved and it will hunt you all the time because you still think about it. Read more

Marriage Fail – Why There’s Broken Relationship

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When it comes to relationship matter, no matter how genius a person is, most of them fail to

find the best solution to save the relation. Why? Why most of the relationship that was built because of loves never ends with good ending & happiness? Most of it happens to the married couples and some of them just ignore it. Is it because of modern lifestyles or our peoples already used to the divorce which means nothing to the society? There’re lot of reasons given by few couples that facing this problems saying that maybe there’s no more chemistry between them or married too fast or too young causing the divorces.

Nowadays, it very common to hear cheating spouses. And who’s to blame? And maybe you also face the same problem with or without your consciousness. Were there any signs shows that your partner turns over you? Of course you can see the sign if you’re not the one who cheat, right? So, how about it? What are you going to do? Whether they showed signs or not is inconsequential. Like anyone who has been hit with an unpleasant truth, you keep asking yourself one question: Why? And why lots of people out they still want to do it? And why even though you can save your relationship, you choose not to. Read more