5 Signs to Know If He Really Sincere Or Just Sleaze Ball?

October 12, 2009 by  
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“Have we met before?” “Your lips look lonely – let me introduce them to mine.” “Your smile is so stunning I need my sunglasses!” What do you think when a guy met you at the first time and asking you such questions? Of course he’s trying to attract your attention but does he really mean it or just trying to check on you? When it comes to pick-up lines most guys are about as original and subtle as a Hollywood actions flick. After all you know that they regardless of what they say what they really mean is “I like the look of you and want to get know you better.” But once they break the ice and engage you in some full frontal talking, how how do you know their real attention? You don’t want to waste your night hanging out with a guy whose only plan is to get you into bed then exit your life forever. Equally, if you presume that every single man you meet just wants a quickie you might give the potential love of your life the brush off – not realizing that he is the real deal. To help you separate the givers from the takers and fakers, here’s what your radar needs to pick up:-  

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Relationship Failure – 7 Women Weaknesses or Bad Dating Habit That Can Turn Off Guys

October 3, 2009 by  
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“This is not going work out.” You realize it when he attend to so many calls whenever he with you. And when you check the list, most of the calls are came from women. Many a woman has been puzzled when dropped like a hot potato by a man? You might be one of them. Why and how you want to know? Or you know but you don’t realize it? Does it something to do with your dating habit or the attitude that you always practice for? Well, it’s not so easy to admit but sometimes when you know the truth you might save yourself from broken heart again and again. It’s hurt to know but below are some of the fact that you should read and understand. It could save your relationship and you will get your dream guy, of course.

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