The Real Reason HE Doesn’t Want To Have Sex

August 17, 2008 by  
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Hard to believe and imagine? But it’s really happen in few relationships where men really don’t want to have sex. I know what move in your mind now. Does he homo type or sick @#%$&? Whatever….Maybe….However there’re other reason that you might want to know. You know the drill right? With the exception of a few monk types who have meditated their libidos into submission, there’s not a man alive who wouldn’t jump at the chance to do the horizontal cha-cha. Driven by man dicks and aroused by everything from a brisk walk in corduroy to Nigella Lawson, the theory goes that man in possession of a heat-seeking moisture missile that’s continually primed and ready for action. So why would a man choose not to make jiggy when you put forward the invitation. Well, as they say in classics, it’s not you, it’s him mostly. Read more