Work & Power Learn to Use Power Subtly, but Effectively

June 29, 2008 by  
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As a woman, it’s not easy to manage people especially if you’re working around men or people who much older than you. You’re powerful but nobody like you. It clearly shows that you’re not using the power you have effectively and subtly. The most powerful person must be strong in knowledge, to be loves, to be respects, easy work with others, high tolerance, understanding, good planning, manage effectively, etc. Contrary to popular belief, power is really a nasty beast that can easily get out of control. However, it can be tamed if you know how to control yourself from inside outside.

Power is not all petunias and orchids. First, there’s the constant resentment you’ve to deal with among subordinates especially if there’re older than you. The constant bickering that goes on behind your back, making your job a friendless one. And the responsibility: You’re accountable for your team’s performance. Power is nasty thing indeed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If used with care, power can help you achieved much more. Just remember the golden rule about getting people to do what you want: Making them want to do it. Read more

Identify A Man With Love On The Rebound

June 16, 2008 by  
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You’ve just only met, but you’ve been talking animatedly for hours. And just when you’re wondering how to suggest you trade numbers without looking too desperate he drops the bombshell he’s recently single. Opppss!!! How recent is recent? you ask trying to appear nonchalant as the words stick in your throat? We split two weeks ago, he answers and they there are alarm bells blaring in your head warning man in limbo. There is few meaning of words recently single whether he’s available to party or keen to hook up with new women. But a freshly uncoupled heart often goes hand in hand with a bruised ego (because he was dumped) or an insatiable sexual appetite (he did the dumping because he wants to play the field) It’s possible too! Read more