The Secret of Success Relationship Back from The Brink of Break-up

April 27, 2008 by  
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You’ve almost pulled into Splitsville can you drive back into Loveshire and make your relationship work? You’ve been together for quite sometimes and so far your relationship was running smoothly and both of you had talked about future together. However, the sun not always bright as you hopes to be so. Lately he always talked about a new girl working in the same department where he was working. At first you might not suspect anything because you trust him and it’s not a first he story about things happening around him especially things that related to his work. The girl so friendly and they become best friend and always went out together after work.

Lately, you feel there’s something went wrong and you tried to get on with her since they’re best friend. But the true reason is to clear up your mind and give peace to your heart. The insecure feeling makes your trust to your partner a little bit groggy. After quite sometimes get along with her, you find out that she had sleepy with your boyfriend’s friend, who was living with his partner of two years. All the trust you put on their friendship disappear immediately. At this critical moment, you start to argue with him about it and spending so much time together when she obviously couldn’t be trusted. You was fighting constantly even thought he swore that nothing happened between them and because of it you started to think about ending the relationship. You love him but you feel like a shadow in the relationship. It’s hard to be someone’s girlfriend when he spending lots of time with other girl and you just his girlfriend somewhere in the background. Read more and find out whether you want to give up on the relationship or start all over again. Read more