5 Ways To Know If Your Relationship Will Last

March 24, 2008 by  
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When a guy of your dream comes over into your life, you’re hoping for sharing the love and together chasing dreams and living happy life forever. However, sometimes love is unpredictable. We’re always making a perfect plan, but only God have the answer for all the things happening around us. The time you’d spent and all the heart you’ve been giving to maintain your relationship seems like not working according to the plan. Some couples can’t let go their partner even though they already knew the critical situation they have to face in future. Sadly to say that one sided love don’t have future because lasting relationship needs both side to cooperate, shower the love – make it grow healthy and the most important thing is the ability to understand their partner and learn to live together, to share and to trust each other. When the relationship reaches the critical peak, there’s nothing much you can do to maintain or even recall back the hackneyed love. So, take a deep look on your relationship now no matter how intimate you are and start reconsider if what you do know is enough to make it last forever. Stay with me, try below love test and rate your relationship’s long term potential if you really want it to be yours. Read more