Dating Tips – How to do know if you dating a wrong guy

February 13, 2008 by  
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Having doubts about your man?

Has your Dream Boy turned into a dud?

Any question to your unstable relationship?

It’s not about you had chosen a bad guy to be your lifetime partner. It’s not that you’re bad judge of character. It’s just that relationships don’t always get better with time. Sometimes they peak early and then go downhill fast. Why it’s hard to find the right guy to stay forever? You met, get to know each other and fall in love….as times goes by, things change and you start to feel he’s not the guy you want. But, do you think it’s too late knowing that his not the guy of your dream when all your heart belongs to him? Before you know it, you’re talking more to your friends about the last time he made you cry than make you smile or complaining how suffer you are to be with somebody you know and now become a different person. Maybe it’s time for you to think again and tell if it’s time to fix it or forget it. Read more