Secret of Happiness

November 18, 2007 by  
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Are you feeling gloom, unhappy, boring, lonely and unfulfilled? Want to fulfill your life with happiness, joyful, meaningful and totally blissful? We all do but it’s not tough or something that you might fear. There’s always ways to get into happy life as long as you ready to seek for it. You might not aware that things that you did everyday can make you happy because it’s part of your routine. You even don’t know whether you enjoy doing it or you have no other choice and because you have to. So, how to let yourself out from feeling of like and dislike so that you can enjoy on whatever you do every day? While getting the major parts of your life right does help, of course, learning to seek and find happiness in small everyday things can also give you a much-needed happiness boost. Don’t let yourself living in sorrow and gloom because it can harm you for long term. You always have a choice.

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Health Tips & Health Mistakes (Part 1)

November 8, 2007 by  
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What is health means to you? What do you do to get the healthy living? Being healthy means you have to take care of your body doing exercise regularly, having a good diet & know how to handle your emotions after all. But, how many of us did practicing healthy living? In this modern life, most of us prefer to take an easy ways to live taking diet pills to avoid exercising, eating junk foods rather than taking raw & fresh foods, drink alcohol to handle stress & taking too much caffeine to stay alert. This might be the easier ways to staying alive, but it’s not the right ways to stay healthy.

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