PricelessPartner – Where Money Can’t Buy Love

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What is Priceless Partner?

In a nutshell, is a free dating sites that is created out of complete utter and frustration. With priceless in mind, the admin wanted to reverse the trend of all this so called paid dating sites and decided to take the initiative to build a global first-class, premium-featured online community from the ground up, that doesn’t require you to pay a single cent.

Who’s behind this?

The person behind this is better known as Glen aka TheChief. He has being on the internet since the early 90’s, back before Google, Yahoo!, YouTube and even before Internet Explorer, Netscape and HTML tables. Whilst slaving away in his day job as an online producer, he quietly goes about building in his tiny spare bedroom-slash-home office here in Australia. Read more

Love Myths – Part 1

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Still waiting for your prince charming to sweep you off your feet and bring eternal tales? The story about everlasting love which sometimes influences the way you think about love and whatever you’re looking for in relationship. Why not? Everyone has their own dream, a thought of finding your true love and ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after with the one you love. The time you dream of lying in your prince charming arm and hoping to wake up next to him. But truth is after that ride into the sunset, comes the morning after and the morning after that.

The reality never easy to accept every relationship requires ongoing maintenance to keep it working. That’s where lots of budding romances start to hit the wall not because they’re flawed but because of expectations that are completely unattainable. Sometimes what you believe in love is not exactly the right things which give us misguided message about what we should expect and demand from love. So, take a deep look and think if you ever believe in the following love myths and rethink about it next time in future before you decide to bet your love life. Read more