How to Maintain Gorgeous-Sexy Even When You’re in Relationship

August 26, 2007 by  
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When in relationship, most of women do feel some changes in themselves especially when it comes to their lifestyles. Maybe you also feel the different after few years in relationship. When you’re single you have freedom, your life flexible, having lots of friends and always dress up to date all the time. Now everything seems difference you never care about yourself, your appearance or everything you do in your single life. You spent most of your time for him and always do what he wants to do until one day you find out you’re not the same person as before. Maybe you never expect your life may change that much after been hooked. However, it’s all depends on you ask yourself what you want. What are you thinking? Ditch the can’t be arced attitude and get some of that single girl sass back into your life. Remind yourself about your early date with him  the first time you met him, you get cold, blushed and can’t say even a word. And when he hugged you? You thought you’d have to scrape yourself off the ceiling. Read more