Can you make a guy of your dream love you?

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You saw someone who really arouses your attention and you just can’t keep your eyes out of him. Although it’s your first time meeting him, you knew that he’s the one – the guy of your dream and he’s everything you look for in a man. Before this you just see him from far but this time you’re very sure that he’s a man which you’re going to settle down with. Your heart races the moment your friends introduce him to you, some kind of nervous, excited – the feeling you never had before – you knew that you just fall into, “love at the first sight”. You’re crazy about him and want him to be yours, but how about him? There are so many questions here: Does he feel the same way as you did? Do you have a chance to posses his heart? What does it take to get him to notice you, let alone fall in love with you? Can it be possible, or is it only in films and novels that a woman can “set her cap” at a guy and then get him?

Well, most people don’t believe they can get their dream guy but there are some people who confidently that they can. How’s it would be? Does it depend on people personality, intellectuality, appearance or character? What do you think? To me, I believe each person does have their own taste but for sure, looks is not the main point. Although people pay more attention to beautiful girls who have a body to kill, don’t give up and surrender. You still have the chances to get his love. Even if you’re not stunning, it’s worth making the effort with your appearance. It will give you confidence and that’s what really counts. Other than that, communication is important too and it’s not only applicable in serious relationship. If you know how to make the conversation interesting, you won’t believe if after the meet he will ask you out for a date. But make sure you’re not over the line. Read more

Why Did He Dumped You?

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Wondering why your man dumped you at the middle of the enthusiasm and felicity? You didn’t felt of making any fault when he suddenly surprising you by just blurts out “It’s over” during your usual meet without felling guilty or showing any contrition for the sudden break-up. What a man? While you’re still shocked knowing that he want to end up the relationship, he add your distress by telling you that he’s not the right guy for you. And before you can speak any words, he add more hurtful lines: “I’m not good enough for you”, “It’s not your fault, it’s mine”, “I don’t want o ruin our friendship”’ or “I never meant to hurt you, but….”. Just because you felt so angry, sad, disappointed and hurt broken, you can barely stop your tears falling down and sprint from him without look back for once and far more to think does he speak the truth or not. But once you get back home and calm down, then the ideas he might hiding the real reasons of leaving you knocking up on your mind.

Do you think he broke-up with you because all the reasons he’d told you? Does men talk really frankly and straight when it’s coming up into emotions? After all the time, energy and tenderness you give to the relationship it has just imploded and you have no real idea why. So, before you blame yourself or hardly think why things go wrong or beat yourself up for being a total failure in love – go through his behaviour with a fine toothed comb. Believe it or not, there are only a few reasons why men dump women and most of them indicate his emotional issue, not yours. Girls, check it out! Guys, take a look! Happy reading! Read more

What Do Men Have In Mind On First Impression

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Are you feeling confidence enough every time you meet new guys? Be careful, because you don’t have any idea what’s in their mind at the first time they meet you. Want to know why? Perhaps, it’s the change if he plays his romantic cards right, he might just get lucky. Or, it’s just the way he wants to get know new girls so easier for him to get the right move and know the right step to take next. What he afraid about is to look dissonant and uncomfortable the time he start the conversations and suddenly stuck half ways and don’t how to handle the situations when you are more than he expected. So, the best things coming from men brains is make some fast conclusions about new girls they meet for the first time to save the day.

Ermmm, whatever the reason – when men meet a women for t he first time, he scans her senseless in a process that’s part subconscious, part blatant and all speed. You just don’t aware of his eyes because he knows what he supposes to know and what is not. Male brain can work like supercomputer given the right stimulus when the situations become insistent. Within the amount of time it takes you to sit, order and receives your drinks, he thinks he’s got you sussed. Still can’t figure out why men feel you’re “unapproachable”? Check out these indicators which lead to his conclusions and that you might not be aware you’re sending out. Read more

Break up – how to win back your man heart

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Sometimes, few emotions can make us losing our consideration in making a right decision, rival love and remorse especially when it comes to raw power. You fall in love; work hard to posses the love, nurture them and sacrifice your whole life to maintain the relationship. One day, your mind and heart was knocked by some power comes from nowhere makes you think about break up and leaving your couple life for something else. Thousands of reasons come to your mind at the time you dumped him. Your desires for being single, freedom or looking for someone better makes you become selfish, cruel and greedy person. You want to get everything, chasing your desires and make your life perfect without think about your partner, but you don’t realize at the same time you make a big mistake, hurting yourself and worst still, you intentionally breaking his heart.

Day after day, your heart felt empty, your life become meaningless and every step forward become harder and harder. The only things leave with you just a broken heart, loneliness, contrition and longing for his present. Suddenly, you woke up with a clear objective in mind – you’re still in deep love with your man and want him back! You realized kicking him out was the biggest mistake you’ve made in your life. But how do you want to win his heart back? Does it possible to do so? Nothing is possible as long as you have that guts to win back what’s rightfully yours – there’s always a way.

Read more

Men infidelity – Why do women stick to men who stray?

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In public eyes, she’s look pity and suffering. Everyone knew his man had been cheated on her. But, why until now she’s still standing by his side? In relationship, accepting your partner for who he is, are good thing but if his behaviours are more into flirting and affairs, would you continue stand by him? Maybe it’s okay to give him second chance if he regret for what he did and asking for forgiveness. But, if he takes advantage of your generosity, is it worthy to get heart broken for another infidelity? Some girls, so patient in maintaining their relationship to prove how good they are in keeping their guy stay beside them. No matter how bad things get, they just can’t let their cheating guys go.

The question is, why? Does it for life warranty, financial support, dignity, selfishness or love? No matter how much we guess the reason why and feel sorry for them, for sure, these girls have their own point of view regarding their man. However, staying with man who continuously betrays you in long-term is not healthy. It may causes to depression, boredom or mentality problem if you keep pushing yourself into the unfair relationship. Why annihilate your future and changes in finding a better man just for one cheating guy? So, now, should you forgive him or, walk away, fast? Read more

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