10 clues he’s trying to END UP the relationship

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Wondering why your man acts strange lately? Does he’s trying to give you some hints about something? For sure, his bad behaviors hurting you – he didn’t talk to you, avoiding you, treat you badly and you feel that his love is not the same. Is there’s big problems bother his mind or does it means he want to over the relationship but don’t have the guts to say “it’s over”? Come on girl, what you think about his strange behavior might be right. Some guys are not brave enough to end up the relationship for some personal reasons – he might be afraid to hurt you, worry you can’t accept the fact or he himself are not sure with his own decision. What makes it so hard guys? Why they have to push you to the max in the hope you’ll do their dirty work.

You just don’t understand how it happened. You both having happy time all this while – less arguing, care about others, have a good talk, enjoying most all the time together and felt like you were two sides of the same coin. But recently – you can’t pinpoint exactly when – he changed. Instead of spending your time thinking does he loves you or not, it’s better if you get ready to face the fact he’s now in process to break up with you. But neither do you want to waste any more time on this relationship if he’s busy fantasizing about how he could get rid of you.

If you’re afraid to confront him to ask for the answers, “Is it over?” just in case he gets the wrong idea and thinks you want to break it off, take your time and check out these tips to help you find out where you stand – here are the most common strategies men use to sneakily force their girlfriend to call it quits: Read more

10 ways to “get back” your relationship

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Relationships between human can’t be easily predicted only by looking at the beginning of any stable relationship because it may change at the middle of the journey. Sometimes we can see many couples live happily in their early relationship but after a few years later, most of them facing troubles and some are thinking to end up their relationship. The question is why these few couples can’t get through all the troubles and always choose the easy way by let go their partner? We all know every relationship was started because of love – the way we attracted to our partner, learn to accept each other as who they are and fulfill each other needs which complete our love life. But does it work as we wish to be? Unfortunately, not all the relationship runs smoothly and the person you think can gives happiness to your life only show the real him after he own you and not the same person as you know before.

He’s the one that really cares about you once, suddenly changes into selfish person, forgettable and don’t care about your feelings anymore. Your relationship become his only relationship – everything is all about him – do what he liked to do, make his own decision and what make it so sad is you’re never be the first in his mind. Does it mean he lose interest in you or missing all the loves and passions? Whatever cause to the changes, it’s seems to be a bad signs to you both and if you didn’t take any action to save your relationship, no wonder in the next few months you become another single woman who failed to maintain the relationship. Experts always remind us that the best way to maintain long lasting relationship is to aim for egalitarian relationship means that your lover must treat you as an equal.

But, how exactly does a girl get her lover to be more sensitive and giving? Are you going to cry and please him and expense of your self-respect? If you can’t changes his stubborn mind by yelling, nagging or even talking, you might need some strategies to get over his mind and rescue your relationship. Here’s some unique ways which might help you to get closer to your man. It might need more times to apply these into your relationship but once you get connected to him, you know it worthy to do – sexier, closer bond with your man, along with a stronger sense of self. Read more

Can Men and Women Be Friends

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If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it may explain at least one of their shared beliefs; Men and women can’t be real friends. Is it true? What do you think? Does platonic, friendly love really exist between the sexes? Or it just some kind of mask for someone who hidden their true feelings or maybe another easy step to get into their dreams love. If men and women really can’t be true friends, you can blame the sexual tension that almost inevitably exists between any red-blooded, heterosexual man and woman. Hahahha…Is it possible? They’re so much unexplainable chemistry between men and women to debate for and some of them really can’t make sense and unbelievable, however the truth never lie and when it comes to times for changes, the questions of inherent differences between the sexes will be answered.

“The belief that men and women can’t be friends comes from another era in which women were at home and men were in the working place, and the only way they could get together was for romance,” says Linda Sapadin, PhD, a psychologist. “Now they work together, share sports interests and socialize.” This culture shifts are encouraging social experts to put forth a new message: Though it may be tricky, men and women actually can successfully become close friends. And there are good reasons for them to do so. How to define these platonic male-female relationships? Sometimes, it’s hard to say because almost male-female relationship we known often winds up turning into romance. It’s no wonder our mentality stick into expectations that men and women are always on the road to romance. It’s really challenging to maintain the platonic relationships because closeness and a lot of similarity between men-women friendship give more points for them to become more intimate and loving which can change that friendship into loves. Here we find out whether men and women can be friends or these couples kidding themselves? Read more

Men mood-swinging – How to deal with them

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Arghhh…Does your man blowing hot and cold sometimes and you don’t know the reasons why? Its must be annoying and make you headache, don’t you? Well, dating a guy whose moods that changes just as abruptly is very challenging but sometimes can bring to difficulty or misunderstanding in some relationship. It’s natural for men running a little hot and cold even though he was the most lovey-dovey person in the world. Can’t believe it? J…Wait….after a year or two of relationship, he will show you. Just get ready gal. But it doesn’t means guys who always turn into hot and cold is a bad signs for you both or because you did something wrong. No, sometimes their actions are nothing to do with you at all, but because they also have a physical reaction to stressful situations. And men are more likely than women to act like a fluorescent light bulb on the fritz. Wonder why?

“The same auto-pilot reaction that makes men go into a fight-or-flight mode in response to stress – meaning they either become super confrontational or they hide – causes them to avoid emotional conflict,” explains Dr Linda Yniguez – a licensed psychologist and host of an Internet radio show on adrenalineradio.com. Whereas women, are tend to respond more calmly to such conflict because they produce more of the mood-regulating hormone oxytocin than men – that’s why they don’t flip-flop in relationships so much.

So how do you deal with your mood-swinging man? Not easy, right? The best way is you have to get to the bottom of what’s causing him to clam up. Whatever it is, they must be a reason why and if you love your man and don’t want to be ignored all the time, be patient and learn to understand and trying to face it together. Here, some common cold-spell culprit and how you can nip them in the bud. Read more

How to know your man’s “Making Do” with you

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You love him and you think he loves you too. But all he do and the way he treat you doesn’t show he’s in love with you, cares about you and wants to be with you forever. You try to deny and avoid the reality, telling yourself it just a signs of insecure feelings. Get mad to your friends when they tried to tell you. How love can blind people. Your parents, your friends and even your work colleague can see it, but you have no doubt of his integrity. He didn’t ask you for a date during weekends or even gives you a call. And you tell yourself, he just busy and maybe don’t have free time for both of you, or maybe he will come tomorrow. But, does he? You’re alone, you have friends, but you feel hesitate to call them, wondering he might be asking you out anytime. Night comes and you didn’t even see his shadow neither a simple phone call.

“If he really care, he’d be there now,” sounds your closes friends. And suddenly you wake-up from a very long dream and realize your friend is right. He’s making do with you. Why put up with it? Because when he’s there, it’s fabulous – he’s witty, kind, generous and interesting. But, it’s when he there. And it has only been a few months. And that was the best moment when you can’t wait to see each other again and felt like this universe is yours. “You need to be number one. That’s the whole point. If you aren’t his priority now, it’s unlikely you ever will be,” says couples counselor Denise Knowles. Some men aren’t ready to take full responsibilities, but they’re not adverse to a bit of fun in the meantime. They need someone to hold their hand until they’re sure of themselves again.

This type of transitional relationships can be potent because the times you spend together are intense. The sex is divine. The meager love drops addictive. You maybe become his “princess” when he’s ready and to make sure his love is yours, you have to be patient. However, being a transitional woman, you might get hurt because you’re the transport from one part of his life to another. And when he’s ready to catch his life back and get over all his problems, he’ll say thanks a lot and take your love lessons elsewhere. Here are the signs that show you might be stuck on a love train to nowhere. And if you tick three or more, get your own train home. Read more

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