How to Date Smart

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Tired of dates that lead nowhere? Everything goes well during your meet but there’re still unanswered e-mails and your phone still silence as usual. So what went wrong? You’ve been introduced at a party by your friend, business card were exchanged and both of you look attracted to each other. So, both of you agree to start the first date with romantic candle light dinner. He makes jokes and you laugh, talking non-stop with lots of story, seductively tasted each other foods and even did the old lingering knee touches beneath the table thing. And when the night is coming, he ride you home, walked you to the doorstep and gives you a hug and romantic goodnight kiss J. Argghhhh…For sure you have a very beautiful dream that night. Sounds like you already found your perfect mate? And you can’t wait for the second date call, but you didn’t hear from him anymore until you desperately call him to get his answers. And what you get is: “Sorry….I’m quite busy at work, I call you when I’m free or Sorry…my server went down and I lost a week’s worth of email”. You know what it means – he’s not going to call you for the second date and the first want would be the last.

You may don’t have any idea what’s going on his mind – what you did wrong, you can’t see it. Everything looks perfect and why did he change his mind? Even what every man think is not the same but for a start, they really mind whether both of you really can get along together. In other words, he can’t grab you and his feeling towards you is not strong as he think – it ain’t electricity if it only runs one way. Because we can feel something deep inside if he’s/she’s the one we want to know more and to be together. However, here a few simple date strategies which may help you win men heart at the first date. Check it out! Read more

How to avoid bad beauty habit and maintain gorgeous

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Sometimes, we didn’t realize what we did everyday such as laughing, rubbing, scratching or any under control actions may bring to bad beauty habit. You may feel guilty every time you touch your face or rubbing all over your body, but you can’t control that itchy hand. Here are some habits that may cause damaged to your skin, hair, the whole body or even your health. If you think you had those symptoms, you should find ways to stop doing it before getting even worst. Read on to find out how to kick that habit.

Habit #1 Avoid licking your lips

You think by licking your lips many times will keep it wet and moisturizes. But you’re totally wrong because licking them cause to balm removing. Lips are constantly exposed to the sun’s rays and thus are susceptible to sunburn. Your saliva actually forms a “lens”, which intensifies the sun’s rays. How strong is that? Just think you can burn ants with a magnifying glass. To break that bad habit, smooth on lip balm instead of wetting your lips and re-apply whenever your lips feel dry. Look for new products with special formulas that bind to lips, helping the balm stay on for longer. Also use lip balm with SPF 15 and above. To undo the damage of your lips, use lip balm which content jojoba oils and pro-vitamin B5 to keep your lips keep moisturizes. Try to skip those balms with flavor, because they may tempt you to lick your lips. Read more

Correlation between Health and Relationship…

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Whether you’re in love or had been married, you can’t expect that you’re healthy enough, wasn’t stressful and not expose to any disease. And for those who’s single out there and who had been divorces, don’t think that you’re already survives from any sudden onset of illness. You practice a healthy life – eat fruits and vegetables daily and workout regularly but if you’re not happy and your life are empty, you have more chance of getting ill and dying young more than your friends who’re smokes, pigs out on junk food and has a family history of heart disease. New research shows that love may be the most important factor in helping us live longer. Loneliness really can lead to a broken heart and it is one of the leading causes of death and a major factor in heart diseases.

To be happy, is to have someone you can confide, to love you and knows you inside-out can be even better for your health than a married with no confidant. So, one way of boosting your health is to have a great social life – have a conversation to the variety of people. Experts says, the more you talk, the lower you chances of getting the symptoms of a cold, even if you’ve been infected. The theory is that if you’re meeting lots of people you’ll be happier and also have stronger immune system. Dr Dean Ornish, professor of medicine at the University of Californis says: “Love and intimacy is the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well. What damages us and what heals us. If a drug had the same impact, virtually every doctor in the world would be recommending it for their patients.”

We can’t deny that love keeps us healthy, but what about the different types of relationships? Which you think the healthiest: Being single, married person, couples who stay together or divorced people? Is an intense fling better for your health than a stable but boring marriage? What if you’re co-habitating with no plans to marry? No matter, which types you’re in, check this out to make sure how healthy your life is. Read more

How To Live A Happy Life

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Whatever you do in your life, you never feel the difference – wake up in the morning, go to work or stay at home the whole day and sleep at night. It’s circle of a life where you can’t hide or escape from it. Some are happy with their life and some have to live with a constant treadmill feeling. So, are you feel content and confidence to continue your journey with happy though and fulfills your needs? Or, you’re still feeling trapped inside your own life? It’s been past 30 years you live with anger and frustration, do you let another 30 years living with it? If you keep those feelings longer inside you, it can be harmful and eat you alive.

Day-by-day we have to face the same routine: Whether it stems from work, relationships, being at home all day or even from friends and family – it lives inside us, no matter where we go, it follows. By running away from reality is not the right answer. Even you make a biggest change with your daily routine; it won’t bring you out from the shell if you still live with the same mentality. All of us may have been through this kind of feelings, but how to banish it without involving people around you and everything you already have?

First of all, it is important to set your mind into what you actually want in your life and realize that you’ve only got one life and you’re living it now – not just today, at the weekend or on that holiday you’ve got planned but forever life. Then take your time to discover your personal approach to life, to see how much your own attitudes could be oiling the wheels of your treadmill. Read more

How Far Is Your Relationship?

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Where is your relationship heading? Do you think you and your partner are ready to go through tough time together, still holding hand during crucial time and have strength to face any obstacle? Some couples can’t estimate how far their relationship is but still feel confident enough to make conclusion how serious they are. However, when troubles come, they can’t even go through it and worse they blame each other for what happen to them.

To build a strong and secure relationship is not easy – how long you’ve been together won’t guarantee your relationship will be survives. If you’re not sure how strong your bond with your partner, you should give serious attention what level your love is in? Is it serious enough to enter marriage gateway or still floating in the sky looking for more strength to hold on into the relationship? Why some marriage couples fail to maintain their love and why some successful hold on till the end? You know the answers. Find out where your love is and make a move before it’s too late. Only by know where your love is, so you can estimate how strong bond between both of you and only then you can be sure both of you are ready to go further together live happily ever after. No worry, no hesitate, no regret, only blissful! Read more

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