Understanding types of relationships – How to make it works?

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Do you think he’s going to be The One and you want that relationships will last forever? But all you seem to do is row all the time. He ends up storming off and you end up in tears. It’s not only love that can bring to everlasting relationship; to make it work, both couple need to understand what kind of relationships they have and how they want it to be. Other than understanding and good communications, relationships also need balance to control the way it works. John Gottman, a psychologist, has spent more than 20 years studying marriages. He believes it’s not how often you argue that sets the tone for a relationship, but whether you achieve the right balance of positives (like hugging and compliment each other) and negatives (like insulting each other). So, how do you want your relationship going to be?

John Gottman discovered three different relationships: Volatile, validating and avoidant. All three worked. And all of them conformed to a specific formula: Five positives for every negative or known as 5:1 code. So, maybe you fight all the time – a negative. That’s okay as long as you balance it out with the five positives, like remembering to tell him that you love him. It’s normal to have fight or arguing sometimes, but if there was no balance to these negatives, there’s no way you can maintain and keep your relationship on the track. And remember; LOVE is never enough to fulfilling relationship with staying power, it needs more than that: Never let negatives over positives because there’s not much hope to standing for. To discover how to crack the 5:1 code, just read on…and find out whether your relationship going to be everlasting or at the end. Good luck! Read more

7 Lessons to Learn in Finding Mr. Right – what bad relationships teaches you

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People always say that we never learn if we never face failure or fallen down at least once in life – also same with certain situation in relationships. To find the right person, we need to meet the wrong man all the way seeking for true love coming into our life. Has anyone told you you’ve got to kiss lots of frogs before you meet your prince? Assuming there’s a prince waiting for you, wouldn’t life be easier if they really were just frogs and all you had to do was kiss them, and your prince charming appear, waiting for your command. Ridiculous!

Both of us know life is not easier as that. In reality, kissing frogs means having relationships with quite a few of the wrong men before you meet the right one. But the good news is, you don’t have to chalk it up experience. Many things you can learn – you can turn every wrong into a right by learning something about yourself, and finding out exactly what you want from a relationship.

“We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.”

-Samuel Smiles-

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Flash back – 6 Easy steps to treat back acne problem

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Opppsss…acne again! Do you have a sexy back but feel embarrass to show them? Afraid to wear your favorite swimming suit or don’t have chance to wear a sexy back strap? This acne problem always happens to teenagers especially, but bewares because sometimes back acne also attacks adults. Back acne, which is also known as bacne, is caused mainly by perspiration clogging up pores, thus causing an inflammation of the pores. Another culprit is tight clothing that traps sweat and bacteria on skin, and irritates skin. Bacne is like a face acne problem but needs more cares and treatments to clear them up.

Get rid those acne by pamper your skin with the right way and the right products too – because when you make a mistakes in choosing the right products, it will make your skin getting worse. Here are simple steps to treat your back and clear up the problem so you don’t have to worry anymore and feeling more comfortable and confidence with yourself. Check it out gal! Read more

Tips – 7 ways to save on campus

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Still studying? Tired of being broke before the semester end? College life can be a major temptation to overspend –high lifestyles demand, enjoying and partying and also expensive books to buy. Then your scholarship is limited and not enough to fulfill all your need and your parents can’t afford you more than what you wanting for.

I’ve been through this tough situation during my college study and it was the first time I stay far away from my parents. I was out of money for almost a week, and I’m just eating instant noodles to survive. Sounds funny right? Haaaa…During that time I don’t want to ask for any help from friends and family and try to find out the solutions for myself before my scholarship in. I think, think and think and lastly I confess that I’m broke because I spend more than what I suppose to made – buying without thinking, and savings, really never cross to my though ;). Read more

Life Goes Beyond Expectations

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If we’re given an opportunity to choose what we like to do in this life, it must be a pleasure to everyone. No problems to worry about; definite future and enjoying happy life everyday. But, how many of us had that such of opportunity and being lucky living in that perfect world? It’s maybe 1:1000 or more to live in the world that following to our needs and enthusiasm. Who’s care? Believe it or not, almost of us don’t have any chance to do what we like or desires most in our life. Our fate bring us to the other side of what and where we’re going to be; given us no space to choose whatever we dream of. Some are lucky and blissful; others have to follow their life fate – have choices but can’t choose.

Most of us have to work hard in order to fulfill our heart desires – but not all our effort produce beautiful fruits. Some people didn’t do anything but their life always goes easily and at the end fate again to be in question. What do you expect your life going to be? Do you like what you’re doing right now? Or you did it because you have to do – to survive or you don’t have other way to climb over to your destiny. Read more

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