Tips – Friendship Forever & Ever….

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Do you ever been hurt because of the friendship problems friend who was too honest, stab your back or forgot your phone number the millisecond she found a boyfriend? Then you know all about the emotional fallout when someone breaks the friendship code rules that usually go without saying yet cement a friendship for life. All the bitter sweet memories you’ve been through together watching girl movies, great holidays, dancing the whole night, shopping in your bored weekends it’s the way you behave through thick and thin that really keeps a friendship going. Arghhh I really miss that happy moment. Well, as time goes by, when we’re getting older life change and everyone follow their own future, staying far away, so the friendship promising was left behind.

How to nurture your relationship even both of you stay far away? And distance is not a good reason to end your friendship that likely to last for many years. In any friendship, cold and harsh things come and go to see how stronger that relationship bonding either you or your friend making mistakes, fight and lastly forgive each other. But what if one of you breaking the most critical friendship rules and makes a permanent damage to your friendship? Here are some tips to consider if you want to nurture your relationship with your best bud. Follow this rules and your friendship will become closer and stronger through the year. Read more

What makes a healthy relationship?

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Most of the relationships look perfect at the beginning once you find someone that you think is right for you fall in love and everything else seems to fall into place. Yaaa you know, in early stages of a relationship it’s totally normal when you see everything rosy always seem to get along and rarely argue but do you feel good about yourself and having fun likes it suppose to be? Well, it’s not easy to have a healthy relationship: But like everything else that is worthwhile to achieve, it takes time, energy and you have to work at it to make them healthy. Of course, every relationship goes through changes; Surviving the ups and downs becomes the glue to keep you together.

In a healthy relationship, it involved three important people each of you and the relationship itself. All three have its own responsibilities; both of you and your partner need to have enough self-esteem so you matter, so you respect yourself and other respect you and so you’re not desperate if something happen into the relationship. Now what makes a healthy relationship? Good judgement about this requires a three part-analysis: using your mind, heart an intuition. Use your mind analyze the qualities of your relationship and determine whether it is healthy. Use your heart and emotions you have for your partner. And follow your intuition, that gut sense that tells you whether his/her is really right for you. When you’re in healthy relationship, you’ll feel good about yourself, feel comfortable, secure and happy around your partner, and healthy peer relationship involve an equal amount of give and take. So, to makes a healthy relationship, make sure your relationship has these qualities

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Falling in LoVe….what it does to your weight?

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You and I both falling in love with a gorgeous and perfect Mr. Right. He’s the man you’ve waiting for all this time and your relationship is blissful. Find the right man at the right time, ridiculously happy; so happy that all your friends want to vomit on you. In this adoring gaze you see you, only better. Right:)? Then the exciting way life start to changes: having a breakfast, lunch, and dinner together almost everyday, going for hot holidays together, and almost of your time is with him. But then, the unthinkable happens: Your clothes start feeling too tight. What’s up with that?

I know the reason why because I experienced it before at the beginning of my new relationship with my loves one. I want to do confession here: I realized that I gain my weight but it happen very fast without I noticed the different until all my friends says that I look so chubby. At first, I don’t care what they say until one day I can’t fit my favourite jeans. Oh my god! I don’t believe it!!!! At that time suddenly I realized that being madly in love and feeling so fabulous make me indulge in everything, especially foods that give me instant gratification. I never control what types of foods I take before and I’ll never gain that drastic weight so what happen to me then really surprising me. It takes less than five month when my weight rise from 46kg to 53kg. See the different? Me, myself also can’t believe it, but it’s true. And now I tried very hard to get back my girlish figure but you know it’s really difficult job to do even to lose 1kg fatty: exercising every days and lower my foods intake but the result is still the same. The more you try, the more challenges you have to face. What do you think? Well, I’ll never give up and lucky me when my loves one always by my side encourage me to do my best. We both love sports, so we spend lots of times doing exercise together and help me gain my confident back. Well, now I know even when we’re in love, do not neglect or forget about how important to take care of ourselves, so that we’re more confident to take a great care of the relationship. Read more

Tips – Tactics Used In Rows & How to Resolved Arguments

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Arguments may happens anyway, anytime, in any situations and with anyone you know or maybe someone that close to you — friends, family, lover, colleague, or even people you just met. This is one of rules of life; no one, no matter how saintly or patient, gets through life without the odd arguments. We can’t hide or run and the worst is we have to face it everyday whether we like it or not. One of the common reason why arguments always happens just because of an anger, misunderstanding, distinctive judgement, or maybe because of selfishness.

Arguments may cause a war between you and your partner if you didn’t resolve the conflicts wisely. And if you keep the anger longer, it will accumulate inside you. So, when times is coming and you can’t control it anymore, the anger feeling will blow-up and at that time nothing much you can do to save your day. But if you realized from the start the arguments symptoms, you may could save your day, resolved them without any emotional injury, and have a happy endings. You can’t avoid everyday conflicts, but there’s a tactics you can used in rows and tips on how to ensure it’s not end badly. Read more

Worry too much? How to stop worrying what everyone thinks…mind free.

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Do you ever feel worrying about what peoples may say about you; things you do, things your wear, or worrying about any negative outcome in most aspect of your life especially things involving you and anyone that close to you? I want to say yes to this question. To me, this worry feelings always haunted if an unpleasant event has just happened and it involved something or someone very important; worrying if people judging or criticizing me, during interview sections, when exam is around the corner or when I think I’m making mistakes and many more inconsequential things. It’s seems to be like a natural response of the mind to disagreeable events that have happened or have some likelihood of happening. I think everyone in this world ever felt worrying what everyone else might think about themselves and the worst is when we spend a lot of times thinking about what other think even about the past. It’s was a ridiculous response but that’s what always happen. I’ve been read somewhere and they say it is likely a kind of habits. But why is that? Read more

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