Life is so unfair; who’s to be blame? Others or…..?

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When everything goes wrong in your life; failed in your finals exam, your car broke down at the middle of the night, dumped by your boyfriends, didn’t get job you dream of, your computer died or get fired because of other mistakes. What do you do when nothing is going your way? Are you going to blame another human being, GOD, or the whole universe just because all the difficult things happen into your life? Do you ever ask, Why all this happen to me? And you always think what happen in your life not your fault and blame other is the best way to settle it down. It’s very hard to accept responsibility for your own actions don’t you?

To me, anything turns other way in my life; I just accept it as a faith. GOD wants it to be that way as life always full of surprise. But as feeble human beings, sometimes I took an easy way just by drop a dozen reason to blame others. And I realized that sometimes things happen just because of my own action and not others mistakes. I can’t just blamed others because I know whatever happen around me everyday it’s all started from me, myself! But sometimes life is too hard and mind is too weak; Unpredictable bad things come to life with no reason, no warning even explanation and in just a second ruin my life. So, what I have to do? I’m not deserved these. I’m a good people and always work hard. How GOD allow these things happen to me? What I do wrong? This is must her/his fault! Everything happens because of him/her. There’s no doubt! I know it from the started. Read more

Thinking of great holidays? Sarawak – place like no others.

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Do you want to experience the most unforgettable and adventurous holiday? Looking for something different, warm, and more than just nice scenery? Discover Sarawak, The Hidden Paradise of Borneo, is the largest state among the 13 states of Malaysia and located on the north-western shore of Borneo island — place that will bring you to the most exotic flora and fauna, and only found in this treasure trove of nature’s splendors and will leave you with fond memories. Here, the largest cave chamber in the world, longest canopy skywalk and spectacular natural limestone formation will leave you bewildered and amazed. What are you waiting for? Once you experience it, will change your life! Sarawak is a land of colourful cultures boasting 27 ethnic groups, 45 languages and dialects where Ibans (also known as Sea Dayaks) are the largest group makes up about 30% of the populations — famously known as the legendary headhunters and fierce warriors of Borneo. You will be charmed and mesmerized by their culture festival and celebrations. So, pack that rucksack, kick off your stilettos and off you go!

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You need some advice? The most worthless advisers are…

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When it comes to opinion, everyone’s got their two sen’s worth — mere acquaintances, friends, distant/close relatives am parents. Most of it is well-meaning. Some of it is innocuous. Some of it is actually good. And some of it is downright bad. But when you come to your best friends, some of them really ought to keep their advice to themselves, don’t you think? You know the answers for your problems but it wouldn’t stop you to ask for some advice. You need somebody you can talk to, somebody you can trust and listening to you as well. And we always looking for someone we thought that really understood and close to us — hoping for some words of suggestion, support and innovative solution.

Often, these friendly advisers tell exactly what we need to hear. They reaffirm our own instincts about an issue, and give us the confidence we need to take action. But, sometimes, they only make things worse by belittling or laughing at them. Even worst are the types who insist on taking part in every burden you bear, and attempt to solve it for you by calling your boyfriend and acting as an intermediary. Recognize these worthless advisers and avoid them before you get hurt!

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What’s your personality? Is your personality damaging your health?

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Every body has a different personality. But do you ever think that your personality effect a lot to your life? How we perceive the world, our attitudes, thoughts and feelings are all part of our personality — and if you have healthy personalities so you are able to cope with normal stresses and have not trouble forming relationships with family, friends and co-workers. But what if you lose control as life is not easy to live? Every time you lose your temper because the photocopier jams, indulge in the morning session, or refuse a party invite because you hate making small talk, you could be increasing your risk of illness. There’s mounting evidence that the way we express our emotions and relate to the world affects our health. Based on research, work stress could double the likelihood of death from heart disease, while a limited social life to premature death. It sucks right?

Your personality doesn’t just affect the conditions you’re likely to suffer either — it also determines how you respond to treatments and which ones you opt for in the first place, according to recent research. You want to know your personality profiles and how yours is affecting how you feel? Check it out! Read more

Loved too much – healthy or unhealthy relationship?

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Are you in love? Do you love too much? Apparently all of us do. Women Loved Too Much, When Parents Love Too Much and For People Who Love Their Cats Too Much; you may be ever read these book and this could easily conclude that it is a grave danger to love too much. Sometimes we are so eager to give of ourselves to the one we love — be it a spouse, a child, a friend or even our pets — that often we give without consideration of the needs and desires of the recipient of our love. What if you’re feeling like you’re love too much in your relationship? Maybe you do now J but you’re still confusing. Do you want to know you’ve being over-loved, or do you surround yourself with loving relationships or unhealthy relationships without you realize it? I have no doubt all of us sometimes confusing with our own feelings because each of us has different ideas about what love is. But, it really danger if you’re involved with those unhealthy love. So desirous are we for connection, so hungry for communion with another human, that we forget obsessive love can kill you and your life. Deserved?

When passion is mitigated with a degree of inhibition, when intimacy is tempered with a modicum of reserve, love flourishes. But when all limits are betrayed, love burns out. Throughout our lives, we are involved with many different kinds of relationships as I mention above and much more. Each of those situations has the potential to enrich us, adding to our feelings of self-worth, enjoyment and growth. These relationships are healthy.

Being over-loved is not really such a great thing — you don’t feel loved for yourself; in fact, you often don’t feel loved at all. You feel pursued like some prized object in a raffle — and no one likes to feel objectified. Often such ‘love’ takes on a focus that becomes a consuming obsession; it becomes a necessity to us to make that person love us back. Or, even when the one you love does love back, you become obsessed with keeping that love. Surely such a focus is not godly or healthy for anyone involved. Are you reallllllyyy in healthy relationships? Rethink, before it’s too far; love yourself and save your life! Here are some things to think about when considering whether a particular bond is a healthy one or not: Read more

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